London’s “Las Vegas Arcade” gets Initial D Arcade Stage 8 and Wangan MAXI 3DX+


This is not a drill, our fellow racers! Las Vegas Arcade Soho in London just got Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity and Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+, and both of them are already up and running at the venue.

It feels a bit like a dream, but it’s real! We just went there today and played both!

IMG_1909 IMG_1921 IMG_1948 IMG_1944 IMG_9220 IMG_9232

Of course, IDAS8 is not online (that would require to be connected to Sega official servers, which is impossible here), but all other modes are available and it also supports IC cards (£4 to buy one)!

Be careful tho, the game is in Japanese only, so it might require a bit a practice to get used to the menus and stuff. But hey, a small price to be able to play this beauty, considering this might be the ONLY location in Europe to have it installed!

IMG_1929 IMG_1931 IMG_1937 IMG_1936

The new WMMT3DX+ cabinets went to replace the old WMMT3 previously installed. Another great addition to an already awesome arcade in London! Again, this might be the only place in Europe where you can play this version of the game!

So, what the hell are you waiting for? If you’re in London just head down to LV Arcade and have some fun!

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