First pictures for Wangan MAXI 5DX cabinet


In an unexpected Facebook post, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune series producer Kazuhiro Maeda, revealed the very first pictures of the new upgraded Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX cabinet.

The cab and terminal are mostly unchanged from WMMT5, aside from the obvious software update and the new marquees with the DX logo. Just a nice purple touch all over.


Of course, still no words about the international release, which is likely to happen anyway, or a Western release (way less likely, even tho…).


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4 Responses to First pictures for Wangan MAXI 5DX cabinet

  1. Myth✰ says:

    Just a heads up. That splash screen you took from my website ( is not an official namco splash. I took the logo from a wmmt5dx trailer and blurred the background to hide the seams from the logo edges.

    Just wanted to let you know.

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