Bandai Namco reveals new racing game Real Drive

Real Drive

Bandai Namco Entertainment seems very much interested in continueing the positive streak of great arcade games that use their dome screen technology, and finally they’re focusing on the first racing game for the platform: Real Drive.

Real Drive has been officially announced last week during the Tokyo Motor Show, but unfortunately, for now, we have very few details, and just a couple of promotional pictures, that don’t really give away much info, aside from the use of the aforementioned dome screen tech and maybe a motion seat.

Real Drive

There is just a little mention of the game on the Tokyo Motor Show website, which we report as following:

“Real Drive is a virtual sport-driving machine that provides high realistic sensation and exhilaration of cornering and overtaking just like real cars do. Players would get a sense of exaltation to turn a machine as they like.”

Considering pretty much all the other dome screen machines from Bandai Namco have appeared in the West, we wouldn’t be surprised if Real Drive follows the same path. We’ll probably hear more from this year’s IAAPA 2015.

Via Arcade Heroes and Tokyo Motor Show

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