Racing games at EAG International 2014

EAG International 2014 LondonLast January, like every year, EAG International 2014 has been hold at ExCel London, for a 3-days arcade and amusement related event.

Sure EAG International is hardly something racing related, especially in the latest years, where slots and casinos are kicking arcade’s ass in this kind of event. But not everything is lost and there still are a few arcade games manufacturers and distributors partecipating!

Here a quick video, shoot by our friends at Sega-Naomi, featuring most of the cabinets revealed at EAG 2014 last 21-23 January. Obviously there are racing games too, and we’re gonna talk about them right after the jump.

So, as you can see, here’s the list (with time marks from the video) of arcade racing games at this year’s EAG International:

  • 15:03 – Batman – Specular Interactive
  • 17:36 – Storm Racer G – Wahlap (published by SEGA Amusements)
  • 21:53 – Fast & Furious SuperCars – Raw Thrills
  • 27:47 – Mario Kart Arcade GP DX – Namco Bandai Games
  • not on video – Dead Heat (new 42″ version) – Namco Bandai Games
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6 Responses to Racing games at EAG International 2014

  1. Nomax says:

    Dead Heat from Namco was presented there too (in its newer 42″ version).

  2. Nomax says:

    Here are some gameplay videos shot at EAG International 2014:

    – Batman:
    – Mario Kart Arcade GP DX:
    – Storm Racer G:

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