If you’re an arcade technician, The Heart Of Gaming needs your help

The Heart Of Gaming

We’re here today to help our friends at The Heart Of Gaming! They’re looking for capable arcade technician to fix some of the cabinets they got in the venue. Among all those fighting cabinets there is a lovely Daytona USA machine that doesn’t want to link-up for multiplayer races.

Here’s what Mark from The HOG posted a couple of days ago on their official Facebook page:

Attention all technicians!

I need help.

Ever since we open the doors here back in April last year, I’ve been in the process of slowly repairing the arcade machines. Many of them are old and need work done. Whilst Time Crisis 2 works, the recoils that make the arcade version superor, do not. I can’t seem to link Daytona for simultaneous play. Some of the Versus City lights dont work, or stay on rather than flash intermitently. I have monitors with beautiful picture that just seem to shut of randomly. One vewlix blows the fuse when plugged in. A naomi dx powers on but no display.

So as you can see, a lot of work doing. Nothing spoils an arcade more than machines not playing the way they should, and this is an image of the arcades in their latter days that has no part now if we wish to survive.

So heres my idea. If any arcade techies are up for it, I’d like to arrange a private meet up one weekend soon where we close to the public and spend the time getting stuff up and running. We have had and continue to get loads of members here from dedicated websites such as jammaplus.co.uk and also arcadeotaku.com. Former arcade technicians from the hey-day and people who just have a good knowledge of electronics.

Can cover petrol/ train tickets, food and beer  and I’ve no doubt the offline community will be grateful for your help in keeping this project going.

Let me know your thoughts.


If you think you can help those guys, and you’re willing to do so, please contact Mark via email or through their Facebook page.

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