We tried Storm Racer G

Storm Racer G

After the announcement at last year’s EAG International, Storm Racer G hit the arcades in the West and we got the chance to try it out.

We managed to find a double cabinet during our last trip to Italy, in a local arcade in the touristic town Rimini.

We have to admit that despite having nice graphics, the arcade racer by Chinese developer Wahlap Tech (and published by Sega Amusements) is rather mediocre. Sure very fast paced, drift oriented and quite fun when played with friends, but still far away from being a competitive game.

Unfortunately Storm Racer G feels like another OutRun2/Fast&Furious wannabe that fails to impress. Still give it a go if you find it around.

We leave you with a gameplay video of the game.

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2 Responses to We tried Storm Racer G

  1. Nomax says:

    I tried at EAG 2014 and was not impressed. It thought it was average. BUT I played it again at EAG 2015 and said to myself “Wow, this is fun!”. Was the software updated in between or was it because of the lack of other good new racers (well, I liked Overtake too)? I don’t know… Anyway, I think that Storm Racer G is better than Fast & Furious SuperCars and Dead Heat. At least, Storm Racer G is drift happy! Now I’m not a racing game expert.

    • Staff says:

      Yep, it probably was wrong to say “OutRun 2/Fast&Furious wannabe” all in one go. It made it sound like F&F was a good game, which is not 🙂
      Anyway, yes, it’s safe to say that Storm Racer G is far better than most racers out there, but still lack that little extra something to make a good game of it. Still enjoyable for a game or two with your friends, but not enough technical/skill-based for proper competitive racing. Being drift happy is always a plus note tho 😉

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