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We tried Storm Racer G

After the announcement at last year’s EAG International, Storm Racer G hit the arcades in the West and we got the chance to try it out. Advertisements

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Why SEGA no longer publishes Initial D Arcade Stage in Western countries

There is a question that many of us keep asking: why the hell SEGA stopped releasing Initial D Arcade Stage games in Western countries after the fourth installment in 2007? And who is to blame for that? Patrick Michael, head … Continue reading

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Where is now located the Initial D Arcade Stage 4 that once was at London Funland?

Recently we’ve been quite busy tracking down all the arcades featuring racing games in the UK. It’s still a long way till our ambitious project is complete, but we’re also trying to discover and verify all the racing cabinets in … Continue reading

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Patrick Michael on arcade racers

Recently the cult magazine Retro Gamer has interviewed Patrick Micheal, head of research and development (R&D) at Sega Amusements Europe. He has worked with several racing developers such as Sumo Digital and Codemasters and in 2008 he was responsible for the development of … Continue reading

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