Stream recordings from London’s OutRun 2 SP tournament

OutRun 2 SP Tournament LondonThe London’s arcade racing community has been kept quite busy lately, especially at Las Vegas Arcade in Soho. Those are the live recording for the first OutRun 2 SP tournament held there on May 3, 2014.

As usual we would like to thank Benjamin for his technical support and Toby for keeping the arcade community alive!

Here’s the first part:

Taiji vs Gideon
Benjamin vs Jayson
Chantelle vs Thomas
Reece vs Yousef
Pete vs Anthony
Taiji vs Namer
Benjamin vs Erica

And here’s the second one:

Benjamin vs Taiji
Yousef vs Thomas
Pete vs Thomas
Ben vs Tweedie
Taiji vs Tommy (Final)

Head here for all the pictures from the event! See ya at the next tournament!

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