Upcoming racing tournaments in London


Good news guys! We’re here to keep you informed on all the upcoming racing tournaments that are going to take place in London in the next month or so. We really would like to thank our friend Toby from Las Vegas Arcade Soho for supporting the racing community by hosting so many events.

As we already said, all those events will be held at Las Vegas Arcade Soho in London, but we hope to involve many other arcades all over the UK.

wangan midnight maximum tune 3

First of all there will be a new Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 tournament on Saturday, May 24 at 2:oopm.

– The machines will be on Freeplay.
– Cards will be removed from the cabinets. Please be aware you will not be able to renew your card during the tournament.

For 1st, 2nd & 3rd place!

– The tournament format will be a 4v4 (4 players, everyone against each other).
– All the participants will be randomly divided in groups of 4 players.
– 1st and 2nd will pass to the next round.

(1st – 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points, 4th – 1 point). If the the organizer goes for this “2 races format”, it will be used until the end of the tournament.

– In case of a odd amount of players with 3 racing, this would not change the knockout rule. The 1st and the 2nd will still proceed to the next round.

#1). Single Knockout tournament for up to 820HP cards
#2). Best of 3 knockout for 820HP cards
#3). 2on2 Team VS (1st position player wins for the team)

– Owning a tuning card is not mandatory to participate, but strongly recommended.
– Every player must use the same tuning card throughout the whole tournament.
– Cloned tuning cards will not be allowed to use during the tournament.

– Courses will be randomly selected through a dice roll each turn (6 available courses and a six-face dice) by the organizer.

– Starting ramps, inbound/outbound and other in-course settings will be selected with random select.

In case you missed it, this is not the first WMMT3 event held at LV, we had one few weeks back, and it was awesome!

Official Facebook event link.

OutRun 2 logo

As you could have imagined from the top picture, the second event is about a new entry, and we’re talking about the evergreen OutRun 2! The tournament will take place on Saturday, May 3 at 3:00pm.

~ Event details ~
• Free to enter.
• Single elimination knockout.
• Race route will be chosen by the lead racer.
• Participants will proceed upon winning races.
• If the race is not completed, whoever is in 1st place proceeds.
• 10 credits (any game) to the tournament winner!

Official Facebook event link.

That’s all folks! We’ll make sure to keep you updated in case any new event will popup, or if there’ll be any changes on those two. Stay tuned!

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