Report – WMMT3 Knockout Tournament London

Wangan Tournament London

Yesterday finally was the long-waited day! Tournament day at Las Vegas Arcade Soho! And Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 was the star!

UK Arcade Racers and Las Vegas Arcade (especially the man, Toby) have teamed up to bring you the tournament London, and all the racing games maniacs around here, were waiting for!

The event has been a total success, with 20 competitive and skillful participants from all around the city battling on the Wangan. We also had live streaming on Twitch thanks to Benjamin.

Our congratulations to the top 4 players of the tournament that proved to be the best drivers around. Here’s the final standings:

  • 1) Shu Jackimura (RX-8)
  • 2) Vinny Fong (Impreza GC8)
  • 3) Riko Demetriou (RX-8)
  • 4) Daniel Ryan Stratton (RX-7)

If you want to check out all the pictures we took at the event, head to our Facebook page!

We leave you with a short video report from yesterday, and if you want to take part at the next event make sure to follow us and Las Vegas Arcade Soho!

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