New refurbished Daytona USA twin-cabinet at The Heart Of Gaming

daytona usa the heart of gamingGreat news arcade racers! A new twin-cabinet of the racing classic Daytona USA has just been delivered to The Heart Of Gaming, the recently opened arcade in North Acton, London.

The 1993 arcade machine has been purchased on eBay last January 27, by the owners of The HOG, for just £400. Sure, the twin-cabinet needs some restoration, but the expert technicians of The HOG are already on it.

daytona USA the heart of gamingThis is what Mark, co-owner, manager and technician at The Heart Of Gaming said about their latest acquisition:

It’s in absolutely beautiful physical condition, probably the best I’ve seen in over 10 years. Only a few token fag burns, everything is responsive. Its taken 3 hours just to work out why the 2 machines wouldn’t link for simultaneous play, but this has now been sorted after a lot of trial and error. The monitor picture on player 2 side is collapsing, but thankfully we have some spare MS8-29 chassis. The gear stick on player one has all the gears in the wrong place. How that happened is anyones guess, but nothing we can’t sort out. The top box needs a new bulb and a replacement connector, also doable.
In short, nothing we cant fix.

The machine will be ready to play from this Friday (7th Feb) at The Heart Of Gaming, and they’ve also added that tournaments will be announced shortly. We’ll keep you posted!

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